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Teaching children to take care of plants

Opening the fantastic world of plants to children is a very beneficial experience for them. In order for them to become interested in them, it is important to choose species that are resistant, easy to cultivate and that grow quickly so that they do not lose interest.

Planting seeds

Starting by planting legume seeds in glass containers is an activity that all children will love, as they will see it grow through the glass.

To do this, moisten a piece of cotton and place it in the glass container. We introduce the legumes in the center of the cotton. Later, we place another layer of cotton on top without crushing it. We will place the glass near a window where it receives light, taking care that the sun does not give it directly. The trick is not to crush the seed into the cotton and not to over-wet it. In a matter of approximately five days you will see the legume grow.

Plant grass

An original idea that will catch the attention of children? We take some eggshells, and put a little earth, being careful not to break the shell. Now we will put some grass seeds and cover it with substrate. To make them stand out more, they can draw funny faces on the eggshells that serve as pots. I just have to wait. In a few days the grass will grow with the appearance of hair. An idea that will amuse them!

Magic plants – The bulbs

The bulbs have the peculiarity that they offer a wonderful spectacle to see how a flower grows from scratch and in great detail. They are easy to grow and children will be able to see how they grow little by little each day, until the flower opens. This is a great opportunity to teach them about the parts of a flower. There are many bulbs that bloom in spring, so fall is when they should be buried.

Not only can you give them a plant to take care of and see how it develops, but you can also ask them to help you with the other tasks that the other plants in the house entail. Watering them, cleaning the leaves or transplanting are simple tasks that you can teach them from a young age and that they will like to participate in.

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