Celebrate Halloween night with children at home

Halloween night is coming, which is one of the parties that our children enjoy the most and we can prepare it to be an epic night, which they can hardly forget. We have many ideas to achieve this … Take note!

Halloween night costumes

We must think if we want only the children to dress up or on the contrary we choose to dress up the whole family with joint costumes. For this we will need more or less time. Costumes such as skeletons, ghosts, witches, pirates, cats, zombies are the most recurrent and we can find them throughout the market but we can give them a touch of imagination and make them at home. What should not be missing is the costume!

Halloween party food

Whether we are going to make cookies, or any other more elaborate food. desserts, sweets, soups, creams, meats, etc … what is important is if there is a possibility, to do it with the little ones in the house. In this way, the day will be complete and you will be able to savor it much more.

Pumpkin manufacturing

Another idea is to make the pumpkin as a family. Going to buy the pumpkin and make holes in it to later insert candles will be a great family activity. Each one can decide which pumpkin is the most terrifying.

Halloween decoration

Doing crafts with children is another funniest activity. From cutouts, garlands, figures of spiders or skeletons, etc. There are a large number of crafts where the little ones in the house can be the protagonists and decorate the house to their liking.

The Halloween Night Movie

Finishing the day with a family movie suitable for the little ones in the house, is a great option to finish off this day full of family activities. We propose a movie that everyone usually loves.

This day we can take advantage of it to carry out endless family activities that will be the most fun, original and special for the children and for us. Let’s take advantage of this party to spend a great family day.

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