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Color explosions with paper flowers

Today we are going to propose a perfect craft for spring, and it is the manufacture of paper flowers made with children, who will be the protagonists in charge of the creation and subsequent decoration.

In this craft, as in almost all, children will give free rein to their imagination, being valid all the shapes, sizes, styles and decorations of paper flowers that they can imagine. For this we will also use many different types of materials, from sheets of tissue paper, EVA rubber, cardboard, felt, plasticine, etc.

Scissors, glue, adhesive tape will be essential and we include more decorative materials such as buttons, straws, toothpicks, cloth, movable eyes, etc.

Therefore, in this post we will give you suggestions for different paper flowers, but as we have mentioned, the funniest thing is that it is the children themselves who enhance their imagination by making the funniest paper flowers that they want to have. Later and with the arrival of spring, they will serve to decorate many of the rooms in the house, such as the bedrooms, the dining area, the living room or even the bathroom.

Origami paper flowers

Let’s look at an example of creating Origami paper flowers. The way to create them is the same, but the difference is how to cut the end of the paper all at once, it can be with spikes or circular.

You start with a strip at least one centimeter thick and twenty centimeters long. Bend about thirty degrees toward you. I take as reference the end of the fold and repeat. Then you roll up these two and repeat like this until the end.

Funny tulips

Creating paper tulips is an easy and very lucid job. In this case we will need colored straws and different cardboard of the most striking colors that the children choose.

Source iheartcraftythings.com

Popsicle stick paper flowers

Other paper flowers can be made with painted popsicle sticks, felt or cardboard and buttons, like the ones we show you.

With cupcake liners

Let’s see another example, this time the cupcake molds will be the main accessory and inside there can be endless creative materials.

Making roses

The roses, although they seem very difficult, with this scheme you will see that they are the most lucid and simple to make. Just a cut circle will suffice to make it look like this.

Font mybluprint

And putting together many colors it would look like this if we decide to do it as if it were a bouquet:

Flowers with wool

We also frame here the flowers made with different yarns, such as this example:

Como podréis comprobar, esta manualidad da mucho juego y desarrolla mucho la imaginación. Sin duda realizar flores de papel será divertido para todos, y además quedará la casa colorida con las flores creadas a modo decoración.

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