Fun games to enjoy at Easter

Easter eggs and figures of bunnies along with other animals, give the opportunity to play fun games with children. Time of school vacations and search for entertaining activities that are also familiar so that they become great vacations for everyone.

We are going to propose some fun games that will catch your attention.

Treasure hunt in favorite fun games

On this occasion, the treasure will be the Easter eggs. It is a game that makes all children very excited. That in a game there is a challenge with a prize, makes it more motivating.

The game is about hiding a few chocolate eggs and hiding them in different places. You can hide them inside the house, or if the weather is nice in the garden or other outdoor places. For the little ones, it will encourage them if we give them a clue or urge them to solve riddles.

In this game we can introduce more variants, such as including the previously decorated eggs themselves.

Treasure hunt

Easter egg race

A classic that children always like is racing with a soup spoon in their mouth, having to carry an Easter egg without dropping it. The child who drops the egg must start the race from the starting line.

Here we can also introduce variants such as, for example, that instead of carrying the eggs on the spoon in the mouth, they can carry them in a basket, but so that it is not so simple, they must overcome some obstacles along the way. The obstacles can be chairs, cushions, or any object you can think of.

And one more variant to carry the eggs in a basket, it may be that the tour is done blindfolded. For this we must ensure that no damage can be done.

Fun drawing and coloring games

Suggest that one of the days be dedicated to coloring or drawing funny Easter eggs, they will love it. It is an activity that you can do with the children as a family or gather some of the children’s friends and do it at home so that they have a great time.

Cooking Easter sweets

We have a great opportunity on this holiday, being able to prepare everything from cakes, cookies, or muffins to even cheering up and making exquisite chocolate figures.

Children love to cook and experiment, and we can take advantage of such an occasion, to enjoy as a family, have fun and also savor. What more could you want?

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