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Very special Mother’s Day crafts

There is nothing that we mothers like more than receiving a gift made by hand by our children, for this the children can make Mother’s Day crafts that are simple but very special. Children are also very excited to have created something to give themselves where their imagination is the main protagonist.

We are sure that each child will do what they are best at, such as a drawing, a card, a decorative or personal object, or even a practical object that has a personal touch made with love.

Let’s see some easy crafts to do with children, which will surely surprise mom on Mother’s Day.

Card with buttons “Mother’s Day”

A simple cardboard and a few buttons will be enough for children to develop their imagination making the most original and special drawing that comes to mind. As an example we show you how the card could be.

Another model could be similar to this model.

If what you want to give is a card for this special day, there are plenty of special card ideas for Mother’s Day.

More cards that are Mother’s Day crafts

A card like this simulating “I love you to pieces” is very original. Made with adhesive plastic, it is really original and the children will be excited to put the most colorful pieces of paper.

3d card

In this case, you can use cardboard or EVA foam and the only thing that will be needed is to cut out the figure of a mother and a child. An ideal card for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day crafts with popsicle sticks

With the ice cream sticks they can make special messages that will serve as decoration. It will be enough to paint each one of the ice cream sticks and then add the phrases that define mom so that they are finally glued together. Finally we will put a ribbon to hang it.

Another idea would be to use the popsicle sticks as bookmarks decorated with flowers.

or even a small jeweler’s box.

Invite kids to invent, create and enjoy making Mother’s Day crafts that are sure to thrill moms.

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