Father’s Day is a very important and very appropriate date for us to make special crafts to give to Dad.

We are going to suggest some craft ideas to surprise you that will make your day even more special.

Decorative garlands Father’s Day

When Dad gets up in the morning, we can surprise him by hanging a decorative garland made of the material that you like the most. They can even be children’s drawings, or colored cardboard with accessories such as cotton balls, glitter, etc. Imagination is served.

As a suggestion, it can even be a garland with clothespins where photos or drawings of the children are hung, alternating them with the message “Happy Father’s Day”.

Toast with message

Complementing the previous craft, we can cut the breakfast toast with a heart or a message to make the moment more surprising.

Father’s Day breakfast cup

If Dad also likes to have tea or coffee for breakfast, there is nothing better than preparing his breakfast drink in a cup that he did not imagine, and that has been made by the little ones in the house.

To do this, they can decorate it with indelible paints that you will find in all craft places and that allow you to decorate in a perennial way. To do this, suggest that the children first make a sample on paper so that they do not get confused when putting it on the cup.

And for the little ones, we can paint their hands with finger paint (the kind that washes off easily) and put their little hand on the cup. In this case, the cup will be decorative and cannot be washed where the drawing is.

Father’s Day cards

A card with a message is guaranteed success. They can make it out of many materials but the originality will surprise Dad much more. Try chalkboard paint to write on with chalk. It will be amazing.

But what they have to know is that a card made in any way, will always love it.

Dad will love receiving anything made by children with him in mind!