Healthy and fun meals for kids

Making children eat healthy can be a very difficult task, but in order for them to enjoy that meal and want to repeat it, we propose to make it fun.

Sometimes the difference between the success or failure of a healthy and fun meal is in the presentation, since the little ones in the house “eat with their eyes”.

Perhaps some of the recipes can inspire you to make different ones based on your imagination.

Healthy ingredients

First we will see what ingredients are healthy, these are among others the following: fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheeses) with low or no fat content, lean meats (chicken, turkey, fish or lean hamburger ), legumes, bread and whole grains.

Shopping at the supermarket

Getting children to understand where the food they have on their plates comes from can be an activity as well as a formative one, which establishes links.

It would be a good idea to organize a purchase at the supermarket, with time for you to choose the ingredients of the food that you will later eat together.

If you also encourage the little one to get involved in the preparation, it would be even more positive and this would enhance the taste for cooking, for smells and flavors.

In addition, the fact that later he eats what he himself has chosen in the supermarket and later has cooked, is an incentive for him to savor the food.

Eat and have fun

For children who choke on vegetables, a homemade soup is perfect for a meal and ideal for a dinner whatever the time of year. That’s where we can introduce a healthy dose of vegetables, meats, rice and bathed with funny pasta is an incentive that you will always love. There is a wide variety of pasta with fun shapes: letters, numbers, jungle animals, dinosaurs, superheroes …

Another way to introduce vegetables are the original presentations.

Your imagination has no limits … Develop it!

If you don’t normally like sandwiches, getting them to eat them with a smile is a possible challenge and in this way little by little more flavors can be introduced.

When you see that a meal is difficult to eat, we suggest continuing to challenge your imagination, with combinations that attract so much attention, that they do not hesitate to try them.

Any more suggestions …

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