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Puzzles to do as a family

Puzzles are a very entertaining activity to do with children. In addition to being very beneficial for their learning, since they stimulate their concentration, they are a fantastic way to carry out a task together with an attractive and motivating final result.

Let’s remember some of the benefits of doing puzzles with children:

  • Improve visual memory
  • Capacity of concentration
  • Stimulate spatial and mathematical ability
  • They reinforce logical thinking
  • They help develop patience and manage frustration
  • They develop fine motor skills
  • They foster social and cooperative skills.

Those afternoons that you can’t think of an entertainment with activity, and that you want to do it calmly will make that afternoon and some consecutive ones, you all have a great time.

We are going to show you some of the original puzzles that you can do together for different ages, although every puzzle is motivating, these that we show you are especially interesting and attractive.

3D puzzle with colored lights and sounds

This colorful Christmas train, in addition to being a puzzle and a toy once made. By bringing music and colored lights, it will attract the attention of children, being a highly recommended family fun.

3D puzzle on AMAZON

Magic figures puzzle

This type of puzzle will attract the attention of the little ones due to the pieces that make it up. These are magical figures that joined together form a beautiful unicorn.

Puzzle magic figures on AMAZON

Puzzle Planets 3D

This time we show you another type of puzzle that is also educational, such as this planetary system that will look beautiful in your rooms. Composed of 18 accessories and 522 numbered pieces.

Planetary puzzle on AMAZON

Puzzles for the little ones

For the little ones in the house, it will be fun for them to put together a puzzle with fun shapes, such as in this case this cute whale full of marine animals. You can choose between different animals such as dinosaur or elephant. They will love it!

Fun puzzle on AMAZON

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