Homemade “Got Talent” – Developing skills.

An activity to do with children, where adults will also participate, this time it will be a homemade “Got Talent”. This time, it will not be an activity to do that same day, but we will schedule it.

Programming “Got Talent” homemade

To put on the show at home, the first thing we will do is distribute tasks. If there are few of us at home, everyone will have to do a bit of everything.

It is important to set a day and time for the start of the show at home and then a performance shift so that everyone knows when they are going to perform. As long as there is no action, the participants will act as public, or as judges. You can invite more family members such as grandparents on the day of the show.

We will set the stage in a place in the room, for example. We will put a sofa, which is where the public will sit, and chairs that will be where the judges will sit.

The show starts

Any of the skills that the participants have are valid. It can be dance, singing or gymnastics, where a short choreography with a well-known song can serve as the basis. They can be individual, or in pairs.

Magic is another activity that everyone will like very much. You can guide the little ones, with the tricks that a magician offers for the smallest of the house. You have some examples on youtube

Drawings that may surprise are also valid. Also Chinese shadows, or playing the flute or any other instrument. It can also be a puppet show with puppets.

If we have not yet got it right in what they want to do, you can suggest them to imitate a family member or even dress up in a very original way, even to represent a play. Homemade inventions are also a great option.

The applause of the whole family is guaranteed and with this game at home, you will boost their self-esteem and lose their fear of acting in public.

The most important thing is that children develop their creativity, at the same time that they program their shows for others.

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