Xcaret – An aquatic paradise in Cancun

In itself, the Mexican Caribbean is a paradise, but if we add Xcaret to that paradise, then it becomes one of the most unique places in the Riviera Maya. Let’s see what exactly Xcaret is.

What is Xcaret?

Xcaret is a thematic water park that houses eco-archaeological entertainment. Due to its privileged location it has some impressive scenery. It has more than 50 natural and cultural attractions, also uniting nature in its purest form. Fauna and Flora intertwine together with the attractions so that Xcaret is the paradisiacal place that children and adults desire.

In the park there is a coral reef aquarium and a sea turtle area. You will be able to remain absorbed in the path of the tropical forest and the living museum of orchids and bromeliads. You will be able to observe animals such as jaguars, manatees, flamingos, spider and saraguado monkeys, deer and tapirs in different areas of the park.

It contains underground rivers, beach areas, lagoons, natural seawater pools and even for the little ones there is a special area called Mundo de Niños, where they can swim in shallow cenotes and splash pads designed for them.

For the more daring, they can opt for activities such as assisted rappel descent into the depths of a blue cavern cenote, zip-lining, high jumps, kayaking, etc.

Mayan performances, dances and Mexican culture take place in this paradisiacal water park as you have never dreamed of before.

Within the park itself there are also hotels so that you do not lose detail, with packs of unlimited access to the water park itself.

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