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Girls Day with Mom – Playing to be older

What girl does not like that for one day her mother becomes her best friend and that she can enjoy playing at being older. Becoming your daughter’s ally will make the day a positive experience for both of you. Creating bonds, getting to know each other better on girls’ day, is a wonderful option to dedicate a great day to each other just for the two of you.

A full day without stress from work or studies, dedicated exclusively to you, mother and daughter, it will be a day that you will want to repeat again

And what can we do? Let’s look at some possible suggestions:

Start the day of girls with sports

What better way to start your girls’ day than by moving around a bit. Preparing and doing the sport that you like the most will be fun. You can go for a run if the weather is good, or you can take a yoga or dance class that you will find on many of the YouTube channels.

Shopping list for cooking

The next task could be to make the shopping list of the products that you are going to use to prepare the kitchen dishes that you have decided to eat that day between the two of you. Later you will cook together (you could have an apron prepared for both of you) and finally, today you eat the food cooked by the two of you alone.

Afternoon make-up

Let’s go with the afternoon that gives a lot of play. All girls love to make up like mom. From getting a hand and foot manicure, to using mommy’s creams and toners, and finally putting on makeup looking older, you’ll love it.

The house is a spa

Another suggestion might be to turn your bathroom into a makeshift spa so that girls’ day with mom is a success. A bath with foam using products for the skin that leave it soft and with very pleasant aromas, you will love it.

Girls day with movie or cinema

Finishing off the day by watching a movie thinking of your daughter will be the culmination of a perfect day. Night with popcorn and blankets the two together will make the day end round.

You can also change the movie at home with popcorn, by going to the cinema together to see a movie that you were wanting to see. The incentive of going out together after the spa and makeup session is a splendid option.

A girls’ day, an unforgettable day for both of them but one that will be very easy to repeat. Enjoy this wonderful experience!

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