Rainy day with children – Ideas to make it a great day

The rainy day with children or babies can sometimes become a boring and monotonous day since you cannot go out to the park for a walk, or do activities outside. It is not surprising that when such a day dawns, it comes to all of us what to do with the children so that that day can be a great day.

We are going to propose some ideas so that a rainy day with children does not become a session of television or video games since it does not have to be boring, but quite the opposite.

Activity 1: Let’s cook!

Either prepare a fun dessert together for lunch or some appetizing cookies or muffins full of color. The important thing will be that the children participate in this activity with great enthusiasm. From buying the ingredients together, until they mix the different textures, it will make them wish there were more rainy days to carry out this activity.

We are going to leave you a link where there are many easy and fun recipes to make with children Le Petit Baobab

Activity 2: Let’s set up camp!

On a rainy day with children, we don’t feel like going out, because let’s do something fun like setting up a camp with things we have at home. We can use cardboard boxes, pillows, sheets, blankets, chairs.

Once the camp is created, let’s put battery-operated lights, flashlights, books, toys, even snacks. In this sense, children and adults together develop their imagination to create a fun camp.

Activity 3: Dress up!

Another activity to do on rainy days with children is to create a surprise activity such as dressing up with everything we can find at home. If there is more than one child, we can even make a parade with scores of the most original costume.

If the adults also participate in this activity, it can be the most fun for the whole family.

Activity 4: Let’s sing!

Assembling a home karaoke is yet another activity to do on a rainy day with children. Being the leading artist singing, will be something very suggestive for the little ones and adults of the house, where in addition the laughter will be assured.

As you will see, there are many activities that we can do at home for a rainy day with children, where you can also develop your imagination in more activities such as crafts, drawings, etc.

And of course let’s not forget that it is not necessary to stay at home either, since taking a walk in the rain letting them walk in puddles with their rain boots for a day, they will love it.

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