Tips to encourage children’s reading at home

Creating the habit of reading from a very young age is of the utmost importance, and that is why we are going to propose some tips to encourage reading by making it a pleasant moment.

It really seems like an impossible mission, since our day to day hardly allows us time to dedicate it to everything we want. But reading is very important and necessary for your personal development, learning and knowledge.

Spend time with children

For the sake of the little ones, it is necessary to propose to dedicate a gap of 20 minutes a day, so that they acquire this much-needed habit.

Know their tastes

All children do not like the same things, therefore you have to look at their preferences, to find the stories that they may like the most and attract attention.

To ask for advice

Once we know the content that you might like, it would be interesting to ask the library or bookstore for advice so that they can tell us the one most recommended for your age. Depending on this point, it will be easier to understand and easier to read.

Propose and choose

The child must be involved in the book he is going to read. We must propose the books that we already know are appropriate for his age and let him choose which one he prefers.

Understand reading as a game

You have to get them to see one more game in the reading. For this, activities that have to do with reading can be managed. A possible game is to tell them to read a story to their stuffed animal or when he finishes his book to draw a picture to hang it in a special place.

Reading spaces at home

Just as there are spaces to eat, or to sleep, it is also important to create a space to read. In addition, you have to establish a specific schedule to create that routine. A good time is right before bed.

Stimulate, not impose

If one day we see that children are tired for any reason, reading should not be imposed and it can be broken without any problem. The goal is that they do not feel pressured, so it is preferable to have some patience.

Take them to libraries or bookstores

That children understand that there are places where there are countless books, of all sizes, colors and contents, makes them understand that they are important to everyone. The fact that they browse them, fosters curiosity.

Set an example

Without a doubt the most important advice is to set an example. Children act by imitation, therefore if they see us reading it is very likely that they want to imitate us.

We hope that these tips will help you and you will achieve the goal so that the little one in the house enjoys reading. Cheer up!

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