Glampings is the name given to luxury campsites where enjoying with the family becomes precisely that … a luxury. Places where children will have a great time and that is why we are going to visit some of the most spectacular located in Spain.

Forest Days in Navés (Lleida)

In the heart of the Pyrenees we find a place where it is possible to sleep in the middle of nature but with all the comforts that a hotel offers. They have four fully furnished white tents with their 25 square meters that give us the impression of being a charming hotel.

Forest Days

In addition to sleeping in these exclusive tents, you can enjoy a very special place called Old Mill Lock where you will find perfect waterfalls to cool off after a walk through the wild meadows of the Pyrenees. Kayaking routes in the Llosa del Cavall reservoir is another activity that you should not stop doing.

The Hayal de Aloños (Cantabria)

El Hayal de Aloños is located in the Pasiegos Valleys of Cantabria. This time they are cabins with all the comforts that include bed and bath linen, kitchenware, television … where you only need to bring the same things that you would take to a hotel.

All of them are integrated into nature next to a river and close to Cabárceno Park, less than an hour from the beaches of Santander.

The Hayal de Aloños

Tipi Camp in Montseny (Barcelona)

Near the Montseny Natural Park you will find the Tipi Camp which is another of the most desirable Glampings sites to visit. It is about staying in tepees that have all the comforts of a hotel. The enclosure itself has animals such as horses, ducks, sheep, chickens so it is a family adventure with all the fun of nature but in a totally luxurious accommodation that you will not forget.

Tipi Camp

Camping Miramar (Costa Dorada)

This campsite located next to the unspoiled beaches of the Costa Dorada offers the possibility of staying in one of the twelve vintage caravans that have been uniquely decorated in different styles. All have a dining room, double bed, a rustic porch. Therefore, staying with children in this Glampings will be a great family experience.

Camping Miramar

Basoa Suites (Navarra)

In this case, you can do the Glampings at the top of a tree located in the Ultzama valley of Navarra. These are suites on centenary oak trunks and in the morning breakfast will be brought to you in a basket with a pulley.

Basoa Suites

We have presented you with a small sample of places that offer Glamping in Spain but without looking for it you will find many more in many tourist regions of Spain, where the climate is perfect for its use and enjoyment. Seize it!