Top 10 movies for a family night at home

Movies to watch as a family are often a headache. You start to see titles and synopses but you are left wondering whether or not it will be appropriate for younger children. On the other hand, if they are excessively childish, you may not be able to bear to finish watching the movie.

The perfect thing is that both young and old alike enjoy the movie, so that it is a shared moment and something as simple as watching a movie enhances family bonds.

We are going to help you in this post so that you have at least 10 movies to watch as a family that will make you all have a great time.

In the list that you will see below, in most cases there are second or even third parties, which will still give more play if the first part is a success.

Shall we start?

Toy Story

Animation film

The toys of a boy named Andy have a life of their own, when no one is watching. This fuels the imagination because also … What child does not play with their toys as if they really had life? On the other hand, for the elderly, there are toys that are reminiscent of their childhood because they are toys that an adult has almost certainly had during their childhood on a shelf.

Honey, I the kids!

Another family classic, in it four children are shrunk to the size of an ant by a reducing beam invented and created by their father. In this film they embark on an adventure to return to their real size.

The Incredibles

Animation film

It tells the adventures of a family of former superheroes. Each member of the family has a special power. Individually, each member of the family uses their power and it is fun but the best thing is when the whole family comes together to work together and thus prevent a villain from taking over the city.

Cheaper by the dozen

Classic film to watch as a family, which deals with a family with twelve children: seven boys and five girls, with ages from three to twenty-five approximately, and each of them with their different characters and problems.

Home alone

Funny family comedy, which tells how the McAllister family goes on a Christmas vacation to Paris, but in the last minute rush they forget their young son Kevin at home. From that moment, Kevin must survive and also face two thieves who try to rob his house.


Animation film

In this family movie, the green ogre Shrek must save a princess with whom he later falls in love. During the way to rescue her, funny characters appear that will accompany him to achieve his goal. Go deep into the importance of being yourself.

Finding Nemo

Animation film

Cute movie about the clown fish called Nemo, who was very protected by his father. When Nemo is lost, his father goes on a dangerous adventure in order to rescue him. Meanwhile Nemo, who has new friends, hatches a plan to escape from the fish tank where he has been trapped.

The Lion King

Animation film

In this film, the young lion Simba after the murder of his father, is separated from his kingdom and will have to discover with the help of his new friends, the meaning of being responsible and brave in order to return to his kingdom and become the Lion King.

There are quite a few songs that the little ones will hum and that they have probably heard at some point.

How to Train Your Dragon

Animation film

An adventure comedy in a magical world where dragons and Vikings reside. The story revolves around a teenager who is not well liked in his tribe, he befriends a wounded dragon instead of fighting him, which is something his tribe has been doing for centuries.

E.T. the extra-terrestrial

A classic but essential. A tender story of friendship between a child and an alien who has been lost on Earth. The boy will go through endless adventures to help the alien return to his planet.

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